Lost or Found on I-285?

Mattress and box springsIt has certainly been awhile since I last posted to this blog, however that doesn’t mean the blog itself and ideas for it have been lost on me. I drive long distances more than ever now-a-days…that’s another story, so I am constantly on the look-out for interesting sights on the highways and by-ways.

Such was the day in early January as I was exiting I-285 and spied four grown men, carrying a queen or king sized mattress and box-springs at the side of the exit ramp. Now, I will let you know that I was a passenger in the car at the time and as I hung out the window to capture this prize of a photo, I wondered if the bed has been lost, or found? I do know there was a pickup truck involved as is almost always the case in Georgia. But it was not crystal clear if the truck entered the ramp loaded or empty and these four opportunistic gentlemen seized the moment!

In any case it was interesting to watch and even more interesting to speculate.  If the rather large item had “flown,” from the truck, just imagine the moment of impact and what the drivers behind said vehicle might have thought. Not to mention the bobbing and weaving that must have occurred in the wake. And if the item was found, we can only imagine the pickup screeching to a halt pulling off the side of a busy interstate, with four eager guys running to claim their new-found prize.

I love to joke about this kind of stuff, but the bottom line is this scenario is pretty dangerous any way you imagine it. So Atlanta, come on and rent a UHaul for the love of God and for the safety of fellow drivers.

Happy Driving.


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