DIY Bumper

In the age of “Do It Yourself,” DIY, nothing seems off-limits! Pressure treated lumber and a little craftsmanship and there you have a new bumper. But how durable can it be? Not to mention the fact that there is probably no “bump” to the bumper. But when you really think about it, as many times as I’ve seen cars driving down the road without a bumper, you have to give this guy a little credit for at least making the effort to have some sort of protection between him and the next bumperĀ on the road. All I’ll say, is I’m a Northern Girl and down South, ya’ll will see just about anything. Maybe, the next time this guy is riding up the I-285 by-pass and there is a full bumper at the side of the road, he’ll stop and get a new one for his truck!

Drive safe you guys!

About Mercedes

One day as I was driving up into the heart of Atlanta I realized how much I HATE my commute. That was the moment I decided rather than to stress about it that I would vent about it. Thanks for reading!


  1. You gotta admit that it looks like it was made by a true craftsman! Plus it’s treated lumber so it will last a lifetime.

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